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Ortega Moreno convinces: Manchester City is the first to qualify for the FA Cup final

Ortega Moreno convinces: Manchester City is the first to qualify for the FA Cup final

The dream of defending the Champions League title was shattered during the week, but it still stands in the FA Cup: Manchester City beat Chelsea 1-0 in a thrilling semi-final at Wembley. Then special thanks went to goalkeeper Ortega Moreno.

One-sided duel: Stefan Ortega Moreno wasted every chance on Chelsea striker Jackson.
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It won't be a treble like last season after their dramatic Champions League exit to Real Madrid, but Manchester City certainly have a realistic chance of achieving the double. The defending English champions took the next step in that direction early on Saturday evening. But Chelsea made life very difficult for the candidates.

Without an ailing Haaland, but with Ortega Moreno between the posts once again, the favorites began at a sold-out Wembley Stadium. It turned out that Guardiola's decision to put the former Bielefeld player in goal was the right one. Seven minutes later, Jackson tested the 31-year-old for the first time – the start of a particularly special duel.

A quarter of an hour later, Manchester City came dangerously close for the first time, but Foden's cross from the baseline was headed away by Cucurella (14th minute). As a result, Chelsea increasingly dominated possession and put a passive Sky Blues side under pressure: Jackson ran alone at Ortega Moreno in the 29th minute, but allowed himself to be pushed wide. A short time later, Palmer, a former City professional, failed due to the goalkeeper's quick shot (37).

After the break, Chelsea continued where they left off before the break: Jackson's effort was blocked by Ortega Moreno, before despairing seconds later with a header from close range past the Man City goalkeeper (49'). Shortly afterwards, Guardiola's side were lucky when Grealish's apparent handball following Palmer's free-kick was not interpreted as such (55').

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Man City set up their opponents

The unlucky Jackson was back in action an hour later, but at the last minute let Walker escape (61). Guardiola then brought the documents for the ill Grealish, and watched as his team gradually improved. Manchester City controlled the ball through possession, outscored the opposition and then hit the ice: after preparatory work from De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva's ball, deflected by Cucurella, reached the goal to make the score 1-0 (84th place).

Chelsea were broken and unable to make a decisive move eight minutes into stoppage time. Those following Manchester City, who won 2-1 over rivals United last year, will decide on Sunday (4.30pm, live!) between League Two Coventry City and Man United.