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Austria Vienna extended its lead in the qualifying group by defeating its guest, WSG Tyrol

Austria Vienna extended its lead in the qualifying group by defeating its guest, WSG Tyrol

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In the 27th round of the German Football League, a confrontation was held on Saturday between Austria Vienna and WSG Tyrol in the qualifying group. program. The Violets achieved a clear win at home.

Surprisingly, the heavy rain and temperatures in the single digits gave guests a better start to the game and visually looked riskier and more entertaining. On the other hand, the hosts faced noticeable problems entering the match. As the rain eased, the situation became better with every passing minute. There were few interesting or even noteworthy attacks on either side. With the first serious attack of the match, the Viennese Violets took the lead. It was a goal after combination worth watching. Wells and Genoche advanced the ball on the left side. The first served Fitz, who was running with him, perfectly. The playmaker dispatched fellow forward Perfect Gruber who pushed the ball over the goal line from close range for a 1-0 lead. As a result, the hosts controlled the advantage and had the next two chances through Handel (24th, 28th). At this stage of the game, the visitors, who had already started well, lost many of the advantages of the previous matches and played negatively for some inexplicable reason. The Tyrolean team's second goal came through the air and also came in the 32nd minute. Violets can collect the ball almost unchecked. At the end of the set, Gruber sent the ball perfectly into Fitz's head and took a well-deserved 2-0 lead at the end of the first half.

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Guest coach Silberberger reacted in the first half and made three substitutions. The Tyroleans were now more present and had their first chance after the start of the second half in the 49th minute through Diarra. The ball bounced off the crossbar and back into the field. A potential goal was likely given back by VAR because Taverner outdid the Austrian's Handel by colliding with him. On the other hand, the hosts lost more and more focus in the attacking match. Ghinoch (51), Fitz (58) and Gruber (61) could have made the early decision, but they didn't! On the other hand, substitute Buksa could have made the match exciting again in the 73rd minute, and perhaps he should have done so! Austria goalkeeper Fröstel was characterized as a “sporting spoiler”. In the final quarter of an hour, the hosts took command again. Substitute Hoskovic missed the first point to settle the match in the 76th minute. The Violet team scored its third goal in the 83rd minute of the match. Ranftel sent Grouper on his way. Hošković served unselfishly and the latter scored the final score 3-0. This was the final result.

In the end, the result was quite good based on the performance shown, but it also showed the weaknesses of both teams. A festive performance in the first 30 minutes and an average day's work were enough for Vienna Austria to secure a confident win on home soil. WSG Tirol, on the other hand, have to make a “sporting accusation” that after conceding an early goal, they have barely found a way to put the Violets in distress over long periods.

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Austria Vienna vs WSG Tyrol 3:0 (2:0)
Generali Arena, 11,470 spectators, SR Jäger

Goals: Gruber (13), Witz (32), Hoskovic (83).

FAK: Fröstel – Handel (85./Pazorek), Plavotek, Galvão (90./Maisl) – Ranftl, Holland, Wills (62./Fischer), Kratzig – Gruber, Witz (85./Vucic), Ghinouche (62./ (Hoskovitch)
WSG: Stejskal-Sulzbacher, Bacher, Okungbua, D. Goganj, Schulz (46./Giris) – Taverner (86./Blum), Müller (46./Nashberger), Ugrenik (46./Kronberger) – Prelic, Diarra (62./Boxa)

April 20, 2024