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Ortlieb does not wish to have a training discussion at the ÖSV

Ortlieb does not wish to have a training discussion at the ÖSV

ÖSV Chief Financial Officer Patrick Ortlieb does not want to lead a coaching discussion on the Alpine women’s team. Vorarlberger does not plan to take steps like those recently demanded by Katharina Linsberger, who is struggling for her level, after poor performances, especially from technicians, this season. “I don’t question the coaching staff. It’s out of the question,” Ortlieb told Vorarlberg Online on Monday.

The target now is the World Championships in Courchevel and Meribel in February (February 6-19). “Then we can have a discussion or two,” Ortlieb says. He identified a particular frustration factor as driving recent statements. The team of coaches was set around the director of women’s racing Thomas Trinker, who was the subject of talks, at least unanimously in consultation with the athletes. “We tried new things, some of which didn’t work out very well. But the ship hasn’t gone down yet and it won’t go down anytime soon. You don’t have to worry,” Ortlieb said.

Linsberger struggled at the weekend after missing the final in a giant World Cup qualifier in Kranjska Góra. The collaboration between the Vorarlberg native and the Italian Livio Magoni was far from achieving the desired success. As Ortlieb noted, this person was also in agreement with his confidant: “She wanted it that way, and that’s what happened.”

Still a top athlete, Linsberger Ortlieb tried to smooth things over. Further development, as required by all involved, has yet to materialize ‘yet’. “But maybe things will look different again tomorrow after a great result in Flachau.” Slalom is in the program there on Tuesday night.

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Ortlieb also stated that he still stands by his statements about the possibility of simplifying structures at ÖSV-Alpine. “It’s not the time in the middle of the season to prepare. We have to see now that the athletes have their confidence back, that they can show what they can do,” said the ÖSV board member. His remarks at times caused outrage in the activist camp. “If you’re already on the ground, step back—well, I don’t know,” Katharina Troupe said last time in Semmering.