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Kristofferson digs after the Adelboden giant slalom against the ÖSV coach

Kristofferson digs after the Adelboden giant slalom against the ÖSV coach

On Saturday in Adelboden it was all about Marco Odermatt.

The World Cup leader delighted Swiss ski fans with a truly festive performance in the giant slalom and won the race in superior fashion.

Only one man at the halfway point came close to the Swiss in this race: Henrik Kristoffersen was only three-tenths behind Odermatt after the first run, but in the second run the 25-year-old Swiss left him despite a good performance.

After the race, he directed his displeasure for not winning his first giant slalom win of the season towards ÖSV. With technical coach Martin Kreuzleitner, coach Manuel Viller, Marco Schwartz & Co announces the second round of Adelboden.

“I could understand it if a Swiss coach had used such a straight giant slalom for Marco Odermatt,” Kristofferson said at the post-giant slalom press conference.

Now the Austrian is also playing for the Swiss.

“I really can’t understand why the Austrian is playing for the Swiss,” the 28-year-old Norwegian continued.

Meanwhile, Kroisleitner also responded to the criticism, but Kristoffersen’s remarks left the ÖSV coach cold. “I did not set up runs for Adermatt nor against Kristofferson,” the 44-year-old said in “CrownQuotes “I try to stick to the way our courses accommodate our athletes.”

In Sunday’s slalom, things got worse for Kristofferson, after a big mistake in the first run he missed out on qualifying for the second round.