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ÖSV ace Christine Scheyer is ending her career after ten years

ÖSV ace Christine Scheyer is ending her career after ten years

In December 2014, ÖSV's Kristen Scheer celebrated her World Cup debut, but after that season it was over. The Austrian ended her career with 13 top-10 results. She celebrated her biggest success in 2017 with a downhill win in Zuschensee. In addition to her active skating career, Cher completed her business studies last year. Injuries continued to bother her, but the fighter returned several times. Now, at 29, she's decided to put her skates away. “It wasn't an easy decision for me,” says Shear. “But I've been suffering from knee pain for over a year and it has simply taken away the motivation and joy in skiing that I always had at the start before.”

Due to injuries, continuing his career makes no sense. “Without being 100% fit, it is no longer possible for me to push myself to the limits as much as I want to and as necessary to achieve the highest level of performance in a top-tier sport. I can also look back on the beautiful and educational time I spent in Circus Skiing is something I don't want to miss. I want to take that with me and always remember it fondly. It's still unclear where the journey will take us next, but I'm looking forward to a new phase of my life and the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

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