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ÖSV Eagles fly towards the Nations Cup: The force wants a small ball

ÖSV Eagles fly towards the Nations Cup: The force wants a small ball

In the only four-part World Cup, Kraft advances thanks to his victory and third place in Oberstdorf. His desire for more long-distance hunting is great in return. “I’m looking forward to flying again and I’m in great shape. Everything is done,” said the pre-season world record holder at next year’s World Cup stadium, where thousands of spectators are expected again from Thursday. . In ideal conditions, it can rise to 250 meters again, and the world record has been set at the Vikersund Kraft of 253.5 since 2017.

However, it will not be easy for Kraft to shoot his third volleyball after 2017 and 2020. Because Zajc not only finished second in front of him in the World Championships, but like him was third and first in the Allgäu last time. With Ziga Gellar, the other Slovenian is 30 points behind and has good prospects in the race.

For head coach Widholzl, in addition to Kraft’s ball fight, the team arrangement, of course, is especially important. “We want to be the best nation,” Tyrole said. Success against the Germans under former team-mate Stefan Horngacher will be very satisfying. “The Nations Cup was really a personal goal,” Fidelhuzel explained in an interview with the Austrian news agency APA. “I said from the start that I wanted to win it.” The starting position for the first success after eight long and promising years, everyone is fit, but no one should give up on it. “There is still something that can happen. We still have to press on the gas,” Widholzel said before the end with one team and two singles bowls.

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