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Approval: Lustenauer Reichshofstadion suitable for the second division – German Bundesliga

Approval: Lustenauer Reichshofstadion suitable for the second division – German Bundesliga

The 3rd Senate in the Austrian Football League today Austria Lustenau Grant approval for the construction of the Reichshofstadion. This is the home of Vorarlbergers competition games German League Admiral authorized. A prerequisite for approval for the stadium was the use of the exemption, which allowed for certain A-standards to be reduced under stadium regulations – including the brightness of floodlights – by 20%.

To be able to claim these exemptions, a new stadium must be demonstrated. According to the regulations, documents for current common law permits, adequate funding, schedule and commissioning planning service must be submitted. Subsequently – i.e. in the context of the following license – proof of progress on the construction project is required in relation to the commissioning of the respective project divisions and ongoing funding.

It should be noted that exemptions will be a thing of the past from July 1, 2024. From July 1, 2023, different dimensions of the playing field will not be possible, and after one year the possibility of falling under the brightness of the flashlight will be removed, also from July 1, 2024, it will not be It is possible to roll back the minimum capacity or covered seating. From now on, there are no longer any special permits, even in the case of building a new stadium – if the stadium infrastructure is insufficient, then it is necessary to move to an alternative stadium. This will give all clubs the same requirements for the infrastructure of existing stadiums once the exemption period expires, and will give clubs with existing stadium projects the opportunity to meet the expected minimum requirements over the next two years.

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Source: SC Austria Lustenau

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