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Ottenschlag – Four conductors holding a baton in a traditional band concert

Ottenschlag – Four conductors holding a baton in a traditional band concert

Four conductors led the preparations and carried the baton in the ceremony. Wolfgang Hackl began with Eduardo M. Brito’s “La Sierra Negra,” a very unusual song for brass music. The musicians encountered Latin American rhythms and difficult passages but were impressed by their skills. Christopher Holzer conducted the two titles the band will perform at the district competition in Zwettl. “Danube Sagas” by Karl Michael Zihrer and “Blue Hole” by Thomas Asinger. Simon Jules was on the podium for ‘Symphonic Rock – the music of Queen and Genesis’ and Paul Simon’s ‘The Sound of Silence’. Eva Hackl conducted the orchestra in “The Magic of Boney M” and Bert Abremont’s “Hebrew Dance.” “With Full Sails” by Klaus Strobel, “So muss böhmisch” by Johannes Teuchel, and “Songs of The Wizz” were once again the task of band director Wolfgang Hackl.

Celebrate with parties

The 75th anniversary of the traditional costume band Ottenschlag was celebrated in the summer. More than 500 musicians from 16 bands took part in the region’s music festival at Hubertus Stadium at the end of July, showing off their skills in the music competition. Board Chairman Lukas Haider Stern thanked the Volunteer Fire Department for allowing this event to be held as part of the Summer Festival. He thanked all the musicians, officials and assistants who made this difficult annual program possible. The past few weeks have been full of challenges, as the charity concert was recently held in the church, and rehearsals for the festival concert and competition were completed.

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Lukas Haider-Stern, head of the traditional costume band Ottenschlag, and district head Martin Hausleitner were able to honor many people. Jasmine Gerstbauer received the Young Musician of Achievement Badge on Flute with Distinction. For 15 years of active music, Eva Hackl has received the Bronze Medal of Honor from the Brass Music Association of Lower Austria. Marcus Tatzberger has been a recipient of the Silver Medal of Honor for 25 years. Jürgen Kellner has been an active musician for 40 years. He was awarded the Gold Medal of Honor. The Medal of Honor for Special Service was awarded to Veronica Bock. The commander of the FF Ottenschlag, Elmar Ruth, was awarded the Silver Support Pin. With the festival concert Norbert Hackl ended many years of active work as a musician and administrator. Special thanks and appreciation were given to him. The highest award bestowed by the Lower Austria Brass Music Society, the Gold Medal of Honor, was presented to Wolfgang Hackl.