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Screenshot aus dem Video zu "Part of the Band" von The 1975

Our new offers for this week –

New music from Hot Chip, NIQTIN, Oskar Haag, 1975. Who is highest on the FM4 charts? It’s your decision!

to Christopher Sipin

FM4 charts: Every Saturday from 5 pm to 7 pm on FM4 and online after the show.

Hot Chip – Eleanor

Over and over, over and over, like a monkey with a miniature cymbal. Hot Chip in 2022 almost brought back the genre rave, but then it’s definitely headed toward disco. Many have sung about Eleanor, from The Beatles to Franz Ferdinand. However, Eleanor does not pull on her shoes again, but rather slips on her dancing shoes. Very shiny.

NIQTIN – spacing

Fortunately, summer is still coming, so some songs with the sound of NIQTIN’s “Space Up” will still be coming to us. Reminiscent of the German-language disco in the 21st century, which Jan Delay, for example, made a crowd-appropriate, NIQTIN now fills these large halls with dance moves and phrases. Take your timewritten there, and Let everyday life happen when the rhythm kicks you. A new journey every day, do what you feel. Nothing anyway.

Oscar Hague – The Summer We Need

You can count on Oscar Hague to release a song we’ve all been secretly listening to at his live concerts a while back, and now really big with a music video and all the trimmings. The timing is right, after all it’s called “the summer we need.” I underestimated the charming extravaganza. Can you hear it too, I know you hear it. Please make this a summer hit

1975 – Part of the band

Mattie Healy & Co. drop from their parallel world and bring us postmodernism. Perhaps a song about songwriting, “Part of the Band” is an introspective song that knows this: Enough about me now, “You gotta talk about people, baby.”she says once when Matty Healy realized he was only singing about himself. Am I just a skinny lump after coke, calling my ego’s imagination. Maturity can look like that.

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