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Rosa's wedding in Adlerkino

Rosa’s wedding in Adlerkino

HASLACH. Yes, I want, says Rosa, and this means that she finally lives her life according to her plans and ideas. On July 21, the film “Feeling Happy”, which is about self-realization and independence, can be seen in Adlerkino Haslach.

The main heroine is Rosa, who wants a radical change in her life. After all, she’s about 45 and always lives for others – she worked at her job as a fashion designer until she stopped, accompanied her father to the doctor, and took care of her brother’s children.

Rosa leaves Valencia to realize her dream of owning her own business in her mother’s old tailor’s shop in the small seaside town of Benicasim. But it is not easy to take life into your own hands. The job, her father, her brothers, her boyfriend and her daughter, they all have their own plans and problems: the cellphone just rings, and everyone wants something from her. Rosa decided to set an example: she wants to get married. And this wedding will be very special.

Adlerkino Haslach’s initiatory film brings the heart-wrenching Spanish tragicomedy from first scene to last, on the big screen on July 21.

Thursday, July 21, 8 p.m.

Adlerkino Haslach

The cinema box office opens 30 minutes before the movie starts

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