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Outdoor Sunnseitn at Freistadt . brewery

Outdoor Sunnseitn at Freistadt . brewery

Free town. “Sunnseitn” invites you to Brauhaus Freistadt on Saturday 30 July. Across genre and style boundaries, about 50 musicians and dancers from eight countries pay homage at the outdoor “Dancing Audience Festival.”

The local theater invites you to the “Sunnseitn Tanslust” in Freistadt on four floors to dance. This year, ten bands will provide a sunny evening with world-class dance music. One of the highlights for sure is the “Flor de Toloache” from New York. The international group brings the latest in mariachi music to the stage – a Latin Grammy Award and a Grammy nomination are testament to the band’s standing in North America. Juan Iriart and Carlos Quelchi from Argentina with Tango, Milonga and Dance Master Melina. The tango is serious and sad, while the milonga is decidedly cheerful – both perfect for the brewery’s dance-loving crowd. Austrian rock ‘n’ roll band Bananz & die Große Tangos completes ‘Americana Bloc’.

Central European dance music

Central European dance music is also represented: Mentés Másként with dance master Attila are constant stars of Sunnseitn and will once again lead the combined circuit dances this year. Austrian band Tans of Risen inspires with their lively interest in folk music and free dance forms, and silk daredevil Charles Kaltenbacher and drummer violinist on the artistic commentary on the mechanical ballet of Dadaist Kurt Schwitters. Sandl dance troupe is also a guest at Sunnseitn again, and from midnight musicians from the most diverse groups and the audience will find each other playing and dancing together in the music corner.

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Pop and tech

Modern forms of dance music also have their place in Sunnseitn: “Farveblind” from Denmark are guests at the brewery with their adrenaline-fueled blend of rave club music, pop and techno, which is causing a sensation far beyond Scandinavia. They are referred to in the relevant press as “the alchemist younger brothers” and “rampant dance floor monsters”. South Tyrol’s Anger celebrates pop music in all its aspects and without fear of connection – the 2020 FM4 Award shows how well the duo, now based in Vienna, has been received by the audience. Toby Weil and his band represent indie electronic pop music with a touch of gloom, sweep, and inspiration.

33. Sunnseitn Lust Dance

The Freistadt Sunnseitn, being held for the 33rd time this year, was first held in 1991 as a counterpoint to the “Musikantenstadl” held in Freistadt. A forum of indigenous folk music and dance was to be presented free of Moik folklore. Over the years, “dance” has emerged as a central theme in Sunnseitn tanslust. In addition to world folk and dance music, modern dance music from pop to electronics and hip-hop has become part of the Sunnseitn concept. The mix results in a music festival that brings different styles of music and generations for an evening of dance together, allowing the audience to go from dance floor to dance floor and discover new and amazing things.

Tickets (20 euros, or youth ticket 10 euros)

Tipping gives 5 x 2 tickets

Sunnseitn Weekend Glimpse:

Friday, July 29 at 7 pm

Sunnseitn Warm Up, Wirtshaus Pammer, Guttenbrunn, Hirschbach,

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Saturday 30th July at 8pm

Sunnseitn Tanslust, outdoor Brauhaus Freistadt

Sunday July 31 10 am

Sunnseitn Morning Pint, Neumarkt . Theater Board