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Nobel laureate Abderrazak Qurna found a German publisher «

Nobel laureate Abderrazak Qurna found a German publisher «

Penguin Verlag will publish the works of Nobel Prize laureate Abderrazak Jarna in German.

12:32 PM, October 21, 2021


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In the future also available to German readers: Abdul Razzaq Jarna © AFP

The work of the new Nobel Prize winner Abdel Razzaq Qurna In the future German translationg will be published by Penguin Verlag. The publisher, as did the German, announced that works that have already been translated from English to German will likely be reprinted this year. The first edition of the latest novel “The Hereafter” (2020). The author was born in Zanzibar and lives in Great Britain She has published ten novels and short stories so far.

“We owe this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature to the rediscovery and discovery of an author who has much to say to us, especially in Germany and Europe,” declared publisher Britta Egetemeier. “Belonging, uprooting, emigration, alienation, sometimes homecoming – Abdul Razzaq Jarna’s novels revolve around global human experiences. Nothing in his literature is black or white, in clear, captivating language, in the tradition of storytelling and its beauty, it expands the vision across continents and into the heart of people.”