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Outdoors: Prince William remembers his childhood

Outdoors: Prince William remembers his childhood

As a busy man, he has very little time for hobbies! Prince William (39) He will one day sit on the throne as the next British king. For as long as he could remember, he had been intensely prepared for this special mission. More and more important functions are transferred to it. In March, he and his wife took power Duchess Kate (40), eg representative tasks in the Caribbean. In his little spare time there, one thing was particularly noticeable: William loves nature! The Duke was practically born with this interest.

in the podcast “Climate of Change” Now the father reveals the source of his interest in the beauty of nature. “I believe my interest and curiosity was sparked by my grandfather and father, both of whom had a deep passion and interest in this field for many years.”William explained.

It was already shown to him in his childhood at the Windsor House. When he was young, the King apparently loved the outdoors so much that he was This passion holds to this day. “I spent hours climbing trees and digging holes and doing all kinds of things outside”The 39-year-old remembers.

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles
Prince William and Duchess Kate in Belize in March 2022
Prince William and Duchess Kate in March 2022
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