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So Alexander Zverev conquered it with all his senses

So Alexander Zverev conquered it with all his senses


October 16, 2021 – 7:09 pm hour

Sophia Tomala is currently on cloud 9

After the titles love out About Loris Karius (28) Sophia Tomala (32) Now happily forgive and Perhaps she found her most beautiful double of 2021 with tennis player Alexander Zverev (24). But how do the two know each other? And what is especially important for Sophia in a man? You can find out more about Sofia Tomala’s love life and never ban men in the video.

Sofia Tomala: ‘Not every man thinks that’s cool’

What does a woman like Sophia Thomala look like about herself? Is this what their men look like? Do you care more about the outside or are internal values ​​crucial? She reveals to us: “Appearance decides who comes together and character and then who stays together.” interesting! But let’s be honest: how did the 32-year-old choose Alexander Zverev for herself? With the heart – with the eyes or with both? “I would say with all my senses. I’m a guy who likes to have fun, I haven’t fallen in my mouth and I also know what I want and it’s not always that easy. Because not every guy thinks that’s cool,” Sophia says.

The man looks at Sofia Tomala vividly in her infatuation and happiness. She looks relaxed, relaxed and satisfied in and of herself. But the 32-year-old also knows: “I’m not easy either. I’m someone who knows exactly what he wants. I go my own way and don’t depend on anything or anyone else.”

But we are sure tennis star Alexander Zverev can be trusted with the level of challenge that Sofia Tomala is up to.

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How much crush is Sophia Thomala currently?

On her new dating show “Date or Drop” Sophia was a guest on point 12 and there Katia Burchard can impress Sophia on a scale from 1 to 1000. The answer is there for you to read.

Sofia Tomala confirms her relationship with Alexander Zverev

This is what Sofia Tomala’s new show is all about

With “Date or Drop” two people (“collectors”) one by one can filter their ideal dream partner from 10 hopeful dates in four rounds. However: Pickers snap their backs for dates and decide solely based on the audio and the answer. If you hear something you don’t like, simply let the person disappear through a magic door with the push of a button. (rgä)

Watch “Date or Drop” on RTL and TVNOW

“Date or Drop” can be watched on Friday, October 15, 2021 at 11 PM on RTL. Episode 1 is already there TVNOW is ready to stream.