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Outlander Season 8: Will this villain return in the final season of the time travel series?

Outlander Season 8: Will this villain return in the final season of the time travel series?

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“Outlander” will end with Season 8. Will we see a reunion with one of the most terrifying villains in the historical series before the end?

Outlander - Claire meets Black Jack in France

Outlander – Claire meets Blackjack in France (Source: VOX / © 2016 Sony Pictures Television Inc.)

  • “Outlander” moves slowly toward its end.
  • After Season 8, the time travel story between Jamie and Claire ends.
  • There could be a reunion with Tobias Menzies, who played two important characters in the series.

In the early seasons of Outlander, ruthless Officer Jonathan Randall was one of the Starz series' most terrifying villains, constantly overshadowing Claire and Jamie's lives. Shortly before the historical drama concludes with Season 8, many people are wondering if there will be one more encounter with the villain before “Outlander” finally bids us farewell.

In an interview with an American magazineTV lineBlack Jack actor Tobias Menzies (“After the Assassination”) talks about the possibility of his character returning in order to say goodbye to Randall once and for all. But even if the actor initially had hopes for his return, he still ruled them out.

What can I say? It would be great. But no, you won't see me.

Tobias Menzies told TV Line:

This statement doesn't come as a complete surprise, after all, Claire's husband Frank and sadistic predecessor Buck Jack are already dead. Menzies embodied the characters until the fourth season of “Outlander” and was therefore only relevant at the beginning of the series.

So why was there so little hope? Before the end of “Outlander,” we could have seen more flashbacks from Claire or Jamie's lives as well as the main plot.

Of course, Menzies' absence from Season 8 still doesn't rule this out, but since both Frank and Randall played a big role in Claire and Jamie's lives, the flashbacks wouldn't be complete without them.

But even if Menzies is never seen in “Outlander” again, the series will certainly still find a rounded conclusion. However, it is not yet known when this awaits us. Currently we are still waiting for the release of Season 7B.


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