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Over 30 degrees in the Arctic - records of heat in parts of Russia

Over 30 degrees in the Arctic – records of heat in parts of Russia

The last time the warmest weather was there was in 1996, at 26.6. From 1981 to 2010, the average temperature in May was 4.2 degrees. In Koinas in the Arkhangelsk region on the Arctic Ocean, the thermometer rose to 32.2 degrees.

According to the information, the last time the highest temperature was recorded was 28.2 degrees in 1920. The chief meteorologist in Russia, Roman Wilvand, spoke of a heat wave that would continue until the end of the week in some areas. In the capital Moscow, 29.1 degrees were reached on Tuesday at a metering station – the record for 1898 was exceeded. After that, it was cooled to normal temperatures for the season in the capital.

As temperatures rise, the risk of wildfires has increased in the largest country by area. Fire brigades have been working for weeks because fires are frequent. According to the authorities, Siberia is particularly affected. More than 3,000 emergency devices and 63 firefighting planes doused the flames, according to a situation report published Thursday evening. Consequently, there were 70 fires over 24,000 hectares that will be extinguished.

Russia is not only feeling the consequences of climate change through temperature records, massive wildfires and floods. Scientists are also concerned about the thawing of permafrost.

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