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Over 400 add-ons as of December 14, the first 50 are live now

Over 400 add-ons as of December 14, the first 50 are live now

On December 14, Mozilla will officially open its Firefox extension system on Android, which will already offer over 400 extensions at launch, meaning many more extensions than initially expected. The first 50 add-ons are already ready to install.

Download Firefox for Android from the Google Play Store

So far, Firefox for Android “only” supports a selection of 22 hand-picked extensions — 22 more than most other smartphone browsers, but not as many as 34,000 extensions like Firefox for desktop.

With the release of Firefox 120 a few days ago, Mozilla has laid the foundation for installing any compatible add-on in Firefox for Android. Mozilla’s extensions platform can already be used to install 46 different add-ons in Firefox for Android, which is more than double the number that existed just a few days ago.

This will come on December 14, 2023, that is, two weeks from now The official start signal. From this day onwards, there are no more restrictions and all addons uploaded on are available.

While the number of compatible extensions was 276 exactly two months ago, that number is now continuing to grow. As Mozilla has now announced, more than 400 extensions will be available from the start on December 14. Checking the current status confirms that as of November 29, 414 Firefox extensions for Android are already listed.

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