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Fortnite: The skin returns after four years of absence

Fortnite: The skin returns after four years of absence

Fortnite stands or falls – like many other games – with different character skins. Now you can have skin like this that wasn’t available years ago!

Shortly before the end of the currently successful Fortnite OG season, Epic Games brought back a skin that had been missing for years. In this case, it’s the original Black Widow skin, which you can now finally get back after it was previously available in early access in 2017.

In the many years since, Fortnite’s popularity has continued to grow and it has gained countless new skins. In this regard, there are certainly enough alternatives, but true collectors will be happy to be able to acquire Black Widow again. Reason: After its release, this skin disappeared from the item shop for a very long time.

To be precise: this skin has been no longer available for purchase for 1,668 days – or the equivalent of four and a half years. Black Widow was last available to purchase on May 6, 2019, specifically in the final stages of Chapter 1 of Season 8. Then the good piece disappeared into the mothballs – until today’s return.

Both the same appearance and matching emote, Widow’s Priouette, are now back. However, the Widow’s Sting Ax is sadly missing, which appears to have not returned.

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Since the return of the original map from back in the day, Fortnite has become more popular than it has been in a long time; The number of players has even reached new highs. This chapter is now coming to a close, with a major live event in December set to pave the way for Fortnite’s next big chapter.

Fortnite is available for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series

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