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Packaging Recycling - New Test & Certificate Offer

Packaging Recycling – New Test & Certificate Offer

Image: Reclay Holding GmbH

In cooperation with Reclay Group, TÜV Süd introduces a new service for packaging recycling testing and certification.

The test and certification procedure is used for packaging made of plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, ferrous metals, wood and composites. The TÜV Süd standard “Package Recycling” takes into account all relevant norms and standards.

The European Union has set itself a goal of reusing and recycling all plastic packaging put on the EU market by 2030. To this end, it relies on establishing quality standards for secondary raw materials, promoting certification, and binding regulations for the minimum amount of recycled content in certain products or Reduce single-use plastics. With the new TÜV Süd standard of “packaging recycling”, TÜV Süd and Reclay Group support manufacturers, fillers, importers, online retailers, retail chains, and other suppliers who sell or put packaged goods for circulation on their way to creating circular economy systems.

“The evaluation of packaging recycling, including all individual components, is conducted according to our new TÜV Süd standard, taking into account regional collection and recycling structures, screening potential as a prerequisite for recycling and potential substitution of secondary raw materials for primary raw materials. In conjunction with material testing. Accurate, this enables us to achieve the highest level of accuracy for certification, “according to a report by Dr. Robert Hermann, Head of Environmental Technology and Climate Protection at TÜV Süd in Austria.

Barbara Hitchi, Senior Advisor at Reclay Group adds: “Even small changes often lead to big improvements. The use of digital technology ensures maximum transparency and a comprehensive evaluation of packaging recycling. We can also clearly state which levers should be used for any improvement. This creates value. Added to companies during the testing and certification process. “

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Test and certification

The testing and certification process takes between one and three months, depending on the product in question. After corresponding ordering, material samples as well as product and process data are obtained. Reclay Group expert team creates digital twin packaging based on product testing and in-house production control by TÜV Süd. This documentation of materials, weights and dimensions allows all relevant influencing factors to be taken into account when assessing the recyclability of packages. Upon request, this step can also be scientifically supported by the Chair in Waste Treatment Technology and Waste Management at the renowned University of Montan, Leuben.

Then TÜV Süd documents the findings in an audit report or final report. After successful completion of the testing and certification process, the certification is valid for three years.

The TÜV Süd “Package Recycling” standard takes the following rules and standards into account:

  • Central Structure Packaging Score – minimum criteria for assessing recyclability
  • DIN EN 13427: 2004-10 Packaging – Requirements for the application of European standards to packaging waste
  • DIN EN 13430: 2004 Packaging – Packaging requirements for recycling
  • ISO 15270: 2008 Plastics – Guidelines for the recovery and recycling of waste plastics

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Source: TÜV Süd Landesgesellschaft Österreich GmbH