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Palace announces: Princess Kate will not return after being diagnosed with cancer in June, and appointments have been cancelled

Palace announces: Princess Kate will not return after being diagnosed with cancer in June, and appointments have been cancelled

“Trooping the Color” without Kate

Princess Kate is unlikely to participate in the Trooping the Colour parade, according to the palace opposite “daily Mail” Certain. She will definitely be absent from training on June 8.

The decision doesn't come as a complete surprise: Kate is battling cancer and is currently fully focused on her treatment. British nobility expert Richard Palmer on 'X' suspects that Kate may not appear on the royal scene again until doctors give the all-clear.

When that will be is anyone's guess. Little is known about its treatment, and for good reason. As Kate emphasized in her video message announcing her cancer diagnosis, she now needs one thing above all else: “time, space and privacy.”

What is color troping?
It's a major event in the royal calendar: since the 17th century, British monarchs have been honored on their birthdays with the Trooping the Colour – the official Christmas parade for the reigning monarch.

Charles' actual birthday is November 14. But “Trooping the Color” is traditionally celebrated in the summer. The reason is the British rainy weather.

'Trooping the Color' without the Welsh kids?

But does Kate's absence mean that Trooping the Color will take place this year without George, Charlotte and Louis?

In an interview with OK! magazine, royal expert Jenny Bond believes it is unlikely that the Welsh trio will participate in the huge event. Last year, George, Charlotte and Louis, along with Princess Kate and Queen Camilla, rode in a carriage in front of the cheering crowd before everyone admired the RAF aircraft together from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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On the other hand, Papa William is expected to participate in the military parade on horseback alongside Princess Anne and Prince Edward.

How is Kate?

Lately, there has always been a tiny ray of hope for Kate's fans: Prince William revealed at his garden party in May, according to “expensive: “It's okay [Kate] A little better every day. She's making progress.” An unnamed insider even said in an interview with Vanity Fair that Kate's medication was working and she was “actually a lot better.”

Trooping the Color without Kate, but with Charles

Even if Kate doesn't return to the public, there's still good news. “Trooping the Colour” will be held on June 15 – with the usual pomp, swagger and even royalty.

However, Charles will not participate in the military parade on horseback as usual. Instead, he drives a carriage with Queen Camilla. Last year, Charles – then king for the first time – led the parade on horseback.

Horse no, carriage yes: According to British media, the king wanted to ride a horse, but his doctors gave him a red card.

His appearance this year is considered symbolic: only one year after the coronation, the king no longer has the reins in his hands. Difficult times continue for the British Royal Family.