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Palestine as a state: recognition by Norway is in effect

Palestine as a state: recognition by Norway is in effect

Spain and Ireland also announced that they would recognize Palestine as a state. The Israeli government summoned the ambassadors to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Norway's recognition of Palestine as a state has entered into force. Since Tuesday, Palestine has been considered an independent state from the Norwegian side, as the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed earlier.

Ireland and Spain also want to recognize Palestinian statehood on Tuesday. This would give the two-state solution new impetus.

The Norwegian Foreign Minister presented the award on Sunday Espen Barth Eddy Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Mustafa At a meeting in Brussels, the document confirms that Norway officially recognizes Palestine. This was previously officially confirmed by the King of Norway, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In a meeting with colleagues from Spain and Ireland, Eddy reiterated the resolution: “With this recognition, we present a new program for the process that began with the Oslo Accords. It is a second version of the vision of an independent Palestine.” According to Eide, it could “give more momentum to a peaceful solution” if more countries followed Norway's model. The two-state solution is the only path to peace.

Spain follows Norway

In Spain, the Council of Ministers is expected to approve the recognition at an afternoon meeting. A government spokesman said a Cabinet meeting was scheduled to be held in Ireland in the morning. This will be followed by a debate in Parliament in the afternoon. The Israeli government responded angrily to this announcement and summoned the ambassadors of the three countries to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reprimand them. On Friday, Israel announced restrictions on the work of Spanish diplomats in the country. Many countries now recognize Palestine as a state. However, this does not apply to the most influential Western countries such as the United States and Great Britain as well as the majority of the European Union countries.

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According to the Chancellor, Germany is also planning Olaf Schulz (SPD) does not currently want to recognize Palestine as a separate state. He said last week that there was no clarity on national territory and other issues. It's “not far yet.” What we need instead is “a negotiated solution between Israel and the Palestinians that amounts to a two-state solution.”