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Palworld: crazy new numbers for players and a huge success in Game Pass

Palworld: crazy new numbers for players and a huge success in Game Pass

Reports of success about Palworld don't stop. The creators have now officially announced sales figures and new players – and they show that interest is still far from abating. The game was also a huge hit on Xbox Game Pass.

Anyone who thinks that the success stories surrounding Palworld will quickly evaporate because the initial hype has died down would be wrong. Newly published figures from the game's makers promise something entirely different: Palworld simply continues where it started – in other words: the title simply continues to celebrate records.

PocketPair has now confirmed that the game has now reached over 19 million players in less than two weeks since its release – which is incredibly good value, especially when you consider that it is an early access or preview of the title, which is not out yet. There are about 7 million players of the aforementioned number on Xbox, and about 12 million copies on the version on Steam. For the first time, information about Palworld's performance on Xbox consoles is now available.

Discussions about the alleged copying of many Pokémon as Pals do not detract from the success – even if it remains to be seen what conclusion the lawyers from Nintendo and The Pokémon Company will reach when it comes to possible copyright infringement.

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As is known, Palworld is also part of Xbox Game Pass and can be played by Microsoft Games subscription subscribers at no additional cost – and this option is widely used. Palworld is nothing less than the largest third-party game launch in the history of increasingly popular gaming subscriptions. And: It is a third-party game on Game Pass that is mostly played via cloud streaming.

Hence, the development team also politely thanked everyone for their continued support and interest in the game. Finally, they promised to continue focusing on eliminating bugs. Once the bug fixes are completed, Palworld should receive a lot of great new content in the future; A corresponding roadmap to the recently outlined plans has already been published.

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