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Palworld for PS5 and Nintendo Switch?  Sony will assist with the release

Palworld for PS5 and Nintendo Switch? Sony will assist with the release

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Palworld is currently a theme for all PC and Xbox players. Will the popular Pokemon with weapons also appear on PS5 and Nintendo Switch?

Hamburg – After 7 million copies of Palworld have already been sold in 6 days, the hype doesn't seem to have stopped. Everyone wants to venture into a violent Pokemon-like world and have their own Adventure Pal. PC and Xbox gamers can already do this. You can find out if and when the game will also be released on PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Palworld: PS5 Edition – When will the game be released?

When is Palworld coming to PS5? The team behind Palworld has yet to reveal any specific plans to release the game on Sony's PS5. However, the future of PlayStation is conceivable, as recent developments show. The question about the release on PS5 has now made it to the developers' official FAQ, in which they say:

At the moment we have no concrete plans for this. But we will consider it during development.

This is what Sony says: It's also worth noting that PlayStation's Shuhei Yoshida was asked if they would help bring Palworld to PS5, to which he replied “yes.” So the future may look bright for PS5 gamers. Either way, the project will likely take a few more months. But if the game finds its way to Sony's home console, you can definitely assume that you'll need a PS Plus to be able to play Palworld online with your friends.

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Palworld: Nintendo Switch Edition – When will the game be released?

When is Palworld coming out for Nintendo Switch? As with the PS5, there's no more detailed information about the planned Switch version of the game. It's also questionable how Nintendo's console will handle the game's system requirements. As with Playstation, you can assume that you'll have to get a paid online subscription to be able to enter the crazy world of Pals with your friends.

Palworld: When will it be released on PS5 and Switch? © Pocket Bear/Sony/Nintendo (montage)

If there is any news about the release on PS5 and Nintendo Switch, you will find out immediately on Palworld already has a very large number of players on the previous platforms. Pokemon with weapons almost broke the player record on Steam. But the game is not liked by everyone. This is the bold way Palworld is said to have stolen from Pokémon.