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We can look forward to these changes in 2024

We can look forward to these changes in 2024

WhatsApp makes regular updates. However, this year, Meta is outdone itself, as there are some changes coming to WhatsApp: in addition to new colors, there will be verified accounts – but there are other innovations planned. The biggest change in a long time is coming: conversations with users of other apps like Signal will become possible!

The basics in a nutshell

  • The main green color of WhatsApp chats is getting boosts. Users can choose from 4 additional colors.

  • Accounts verified with a well-known blue tick from Instagram will also be available for WhatsApp soon.

  • Some trial accounts can already listen to music together on video calls.

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WhatsApp update ensures more individuality

So far you can only choose between light and dark mode in the chat background. That should change soon: the main color will be green Four other colors He added. With the extension of color, WhatsApp responds to the needs of users who want more uniqueness. In addition to the traditional green color scheme, the messaging service is expanding WhatsApp colors to include light blue, purple, pink and black. the feature: All green items, such as the number of unread messages, new posts, or message bubbles, will be displayed in the new color. People with visual impairments should also be able to recognize this better.

WhatsApp shortcut for Signal and Viber

Although the messaging service has a large number of users, only some of them do Concerns due to security settingsTo use WhatsApp. They prefer to switch to Signal, Viber, or other encrypted services. That's why you have to communicate with some family members or friends using other tools. But these (annoying) times will end soon! Through a Advanced feature Should WhatsApp with you Third party applications are linked Become. The group has until March to respond to the European Commission’s request to open the service to third-party providers.

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the Menu item, where third-party chats (such as Signal) can be found, located in the Chat section. However, this functionality is not automatically available to everyone. Must be from Users have activated themselves Become. Through these security precautions, WhatsApp ensures the use of end-to-end encryption.

Shared music experience and new emojis

According to the blog “WABetaInfo”, some testers are already able to do this Share music with each other during a video call. This update should soon be available to all users of the most widely used messaging app in the world. actually There will also be more emojis in the first quarter It is asked.

WhatsApp gets a blue tick for verified accounts

Verified accounts on WhatsApp also receive a blue tick. You have it at the moment Business profiles Possibility of obtaining a green mark. The color adjustment aims to improve company profiles and make the static font recognizable, since users already know the blue ticks from Instagram.

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WhatsApp changes coming soon to iOS and Android

Although the design changes are still under development and are currently only available in the beta version of the iOS app, it is expected that everyone will be able to use it soon. iOS and Android clients.

The messaging service introduced some new functionality with the latest updates last year. With a simple setup, WhatsApp audio messages can be automatically deleted after listening to them once. It is now also possible to pin messages in chats and group conversations. Avatars can easily be created from photos.

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