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Patient Rooms of the Future – Hospital Procurement Conference in Berlin on 1 and 2 June 2022

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Very exciting events on the topic of virtual hospitals – we will be there!

Trio IT care cart with IoT connections (Photo: WAGNER VISUELL AG)

Trio IT care cart with IoT connections (Photo: WAGNER VISUELL AG)

Zurich/Bachchenbulach/Berlin (pts001/05/22/2022/10:00) –

With the 12th Procurement Congress taking place in Berlin, June 2022 begins with great excitement. The conference brings together more than 400 experts and practitioners from healthcare, business, politics and science to discuss the latest hospital procurement, share experiences and rank new developments.

We’re on site and we’ll show you how patient-centered care might work in the hospital of the future. We explain the entire care process in a practical way.

It all starts from the central assembly panel. Information flows about admissions, newly operated patients, discharge, available staff, select area teams, lunch breaks, daily goals, monthly goals, special events, departure date, patient and staff satisfaction, etc.

The bedside nursing staff works with our comfortable nursing cart according to the 7-P principle (Person, Plan, Priorities, Hygiene, Pain Posture). In addition to IT components and all electronic health parameter devices, our mobile care platform also contains disinfectants, protective devices, waste management, pain medications, antiemetics and has a video conferencing system, which enables the patient’s external relatives, translation services or medical professionals.

You will realize that the nursing process can be well organized. Not much ambiguity arises in the first place, distances are reduced, day care becomes easier to plan and noticeably calmer. Nursing staff feel comfortable, have more patient time and find pleasure in their work again, and helpful patient care.

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We are happy to give you a lot of information about flexible/smart concepts, to report experiences from clinics working on these concepts, thus we have been able to reduce nursing staff turnover and are now attractive staff.