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Peeing in the Bath Water: Frederick Kader Confessed

Peeing in the Bath Water: Frederick Kader Confessed

The biggest confrontation is already in the second season of Reality Stars Battle And? luth squad (48) and Friedrich von Anhalt (78) caused one of the biggest upheavals in German reality television’s 16-year history – a gentleman who was bought with the title of gentry in his bathing waters in Big brother-Icons. Framework Watch the action later on the screen and smudge Frederick Jam on the face. Since then, the two have avoided each other. but that Current reunion The two went differently than one would expect.

Frederick At first he stubbornly claimed he would Framework I don’t know at all – but the reality queen saw through the game right away. “Of course, the lower jaw of the Prince of Anhalt fell and rolled his eyes. He was a bit disappointed that I came.”I explained in a face-to-face interview. And a little later the soundtrack Fredericks Micro played it during Tires Checked in – got to know her right away and wasn’t excited. Even the American by his choice used a number of swear words, all of which were censored.

Framework However, she was a warrior – after all, she’d be able to nominate someone for expulsion on the next decision night “He should be kind to me and submissive.”Reveal the beauty of television. In any case, you will demand an apology.

Reality TV Queen Kader Loth
Friedrich von Anhalt, “Battle of Reality Stars” candidate
Kader Loth and Claudia Obert
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