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Penalty win in Marco Rossi's first home appearance in the National Hockey League - Rankwell

Penalty win in Marco Rossi’s first home appearance in the National Hockey League – Rankwell

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Austrian newcomer Marco Rossi made his debut for the Minnesota Wild on Saturday night with a penalty shootout victory.

A Russian team beat the Washington Capitals 3-2 at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul after Mats Zuccarello tied just 35 seconds from the end of normal time. Rossi was left without a point but gave three shots on target. He also received the first two minutes of penalty kicks in the Ice Hockey League.

Rossi made his debut in the world’s strongest ice hockey league on Epiphany. Wild celebrated a 3-2 win away to the Boston Bruins. His first match on the ice at home brought the same close result, but after a real thrill. Rossi scored the first penalty kick in the ninth minute. Because Nick Jensen was suspended, he had to go into the penalty area for two minutes. In the 12th minute, Capitals goalkeeper Zach Focale tested for the first time with a shot on goal, and three minutes later another over the gate followed.

After the first third without goals, the capital team advanced with a double shot from Conor McMichael (23) and Yevgeny Kuznetsov (26 / PP). In the 34th minute, Capitals player Marcos Foligno managed to get the home team back into play. In the third inning, Minnesota Wild pressed to equalize, Rossi also had his strongest moment. Fucale had to block Vorarlberger’s second and third shot on goal in the 50th and 52nd minutes.

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The home team’s commitment rewarded Zuccarello’s 60th minute equalizer. Focale had previously saved 21 shots on target. After stoppage time without goals, the decision was finally made in the penalty shootout, in which the host team won 2-0 with goals from Kevin Villala and Frederic Goudreau. Rossi’s total ice age was 14:51 minutes.

The second Austrian in the NHL, Michael Ravel, was previously able to celebrate complete success. The Dallas Stars defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2 at home. Texans turned the game down after trailing 2-0 in the first third, thus ending the Penguins’ ten-game winning streak. Like Rossi, the 33-year-old has remained without a scorer point. With several strong moments and an ice age of 14:59, he established himself as the star support. APA