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The San Francisco 49ers win the crime thriller overtime

The San Francisco 49ers win the crime thriller overtime

San Francisco 49ers Los Angeles Rams 27:24

The San Francisco 49ers lived up to their standing as opponents to the Los Angeles Rams. At the venue of the next Super Bowl, the 49 players celebrated an electrifying victory and secured a playoff ticket.

However, at first, it wasn’t: The Rams’ offense started at the start of dreams and made a 17:3 lead in the first half. One of Matthew Stafford’s passes benefited from a interception by 49er Jimmy Garoppolo, who was on the field despite a hand injury.

San Francisco came out of the break completely differently and relied almost entirely on Elijah Mitchell’s running game in the third quarter. The Rams’ defense found no remedy against coach Kyle Shanahan’s plays, so the 49ers were able to fall short quickly.

Thanks to tricky play in which receiver Debow Samuel threw center back teammate Joan Jennings, San Francisco tied the close match shortly before the quarter-finals. Another interception from Garoppolo let the match fall apart again in the final minutes.

Cooper put the rams back in front before handing the previously battered Garoppolo a two-minute drive from the picture book: Jennings put 26 seconds to move to 24:24.

San Francisco won the coin toss for overtime, but could only finish the long trip with a field goal. The Rams received another ball and started promising until Matthew Stafford let himself flip through to a deep pass that was blocked by Embry Thomas.

With the overtime win, Team 49 (10-7) celebrated its return to the playoffs. The Los Angeles Rams (12-5) won the NFC-West title, but slipped back to fourth in the playoff picture.

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New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons 30:20

With a win over Atlanta and a simultaneous defeat of 49 players, New Orleans could have jumped to the playoff places on the final day of the game. Although Saints quarterback Tysom Hill was injured early on, the offense continued at full speed for a long time and entered the first half by 24:6.

The Hawks struggled against a good defense for a long time and were not in the lead at any point in the match. Quarterback Matt Ryan finished the game with 216 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

Atlanta finished the season with a score of 7-9, and the Saints finished the year with a positive record (9-8).

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals 38:30

Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks celebrated an acclaimed victory over the Arizona Cardinals at the end of the season. Rashad Penny ran back convinced again for 190 yards and a 62-yard touchdown.

The Cardinals’ offense remained behind the Seahawks (431 yards) with 305 yards and goes into the NFC playoffs (11-6) as the No. 5 seed.

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17:41

The Super Bowl champion showed no nudity a week before the playoffs began and celebrated his thirteenth win of the season against the Carolinas. The offense around Tom Brady (326 yards, three touchdowns) was again in full swing and booked a total of five touchdowns.

Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold had another mixed day with two passing touchdowns, but also one interception and another loss to Fumble. Carolina finished the season with a record 5-12, Tampa Bay went on a mission to defend his title with a 13-4 record.

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New York Jets at Buffalo Bills 10:27

The Buffalo Bills (11-6) won the AFC-East title for the second time in a row. In difficult outdoor conditions, Biles’ offense took so long to kick in, that the bout looked open until the fourth quarter.

Two landings from Devin Singletary (one dash and one receive) finally ended the hopes of the Jets (4-13), who managed to maintain a distance of 10:13 for extended periods.

Bill playmaker Josh Allen finished the game with 239 yards and two touchdowns. His counterpart Zach Wilson scored 87 yards and a touchdown in the last game of his rookie season.

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins 24:33

Once again, the Miami Dolphins (9-8) lived up to their role as Fearless Patriots and subtly put Bill Belichick’s team in their place. Quarterback Mac Jones in particular didn’t let long stretches rest and forced the rookie into two spins, both of which ended in direct touchdowns.

On the Dolphins side, running back Duke Johnson was particularly convincing, with 117 yards and a touchdown. Signal caller Tua Tagovailoa finished the game with 109 yards and a touchdown.

With a solid 10-7 record, the Patriots are back in the playoffs after a year off.

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