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People and Animals: Animal Echo

People and Animals: Animal Echo

Science has harmed man three times, as Sigmund Freud said: when Copernicus moved the Earth from the center of the universe and made it a moon subordinate to the sun; When Darwin attributed the origin of man not to a Creator God, but to the evolution of our animal ancestors; And third, when psychoanalysis showed that our conscious self is not the sole ruler of body, soul, and spirit.

Well, it was not humanity that Copernicus offended, but rather the culture of believing in the Bible. This applies even more to Darwin: the comparison with him animal It is not necessary to humiliate us. On the contrary: it frees thinking and draws attention to similarities and differences. We can learn from animals on many issues of mental health, because they behave more appropriately than many people in conflicts between adults and children, and in regulating proximity and distance. For example, narcissistic conflicts burden many parents and children. Not so with animals, as far as we know: no mammal will accuse its mother of not getting enough milk; No cow should deny her calf because she seeks food away from her mother and avoids her path. We can learn from these models.

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