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Perseverance on Mars Rover: Miles of Forced March around Intermediate began

Perseverance on Mars Rover: Miles of Forced March around Intermediate began

NASA’s Perseverance rover has begun a forced march and is expected to cover five kilometers per month — the equivalent of its entire first year on Mars. If all goes according to plan, the rover will reach the foothills of the delta in mid-April, which has been sent mainly to Mars for exploration. The site is so important that a decision has now been made to minimize the scientific work on the way, explains Ken Farley of the Caltech. Perseverance has recently become more independent on the road and therefore runs much longer stages. Now it’s circling rough terrain as the Mars Helicopter cleverly flies forward.

Perseverance scheduled for March 14 The journey has begun Take plenty of photos of the delta, whose slopes pile up at the edge of the plain on which it travels: “The closer you get to the slopes, the more impressive the photos become,” promises Farley. The researchers want to use the images to find those rocks that the rover has to examine more closely. They also want to find a way to overcome the 40-meter elevation difference. Until then, the rover will be driving a lot more autonomously than it did in its first few months on the Red Planet. The device has the best autonomous driving technology on board: calculations that Opportunity took in minutes, for example, could take less than a second with perseverance.

Unlike all previous NASA rovers on Mars, Perseverance can plan the other way while driving. But it takes pictures much faster, and they are then evaluated by a specially built-in computer. Perseverance is very different from its predecessors Spirit, Chance, and Curiosity. Unlike them, it no longer depends on every flight being completely pre-programmed on Earth, The US space agency. This is one of the reasons why he has recently been able to start completing the multi-day stages. This means that he no longer has to wait for new instructions when the weekend or holiday is on Earth. For these reasons, Perseverance is now able to step up its game and cover several kilometers in a matter of weeks. This is now being used.

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Perseverance landed on Mars in February 2021. The successor to the Curiosity rover, which is still active, is set to be the first research instrument to collect soil samples on the Red Planet, which will later be brought back to Earth. He already has several on board. He also brought a small helicopter to Mars for the first time brilliantly. It was only supposed to prove that helicopters could take off there. However, the parade trips went so well that his mission was extended several times. Meanwhile, ingenuity accompanies the rover and explores the area from above. It is currently taking a short cut to wait for the perseverance at its intended destination. Current locations It can always be viewed from the two devices at NASA.

(Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU)


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