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Peter Kraus

Peter Krause is awarded the Platinum Rummy!

Peter Krause achieved his first song in 65 years, and “Tutti Frutti” accompanies the sympathetic musician to this day. With Rumi in platinum, Peter Krause is now honored for his life’s work.

Silvia Schneider introduced Rumi to Peter Krause!

Due to the current situation, there wasn’t a big Romy Gala this year either, but Andy Knoll led an entertaining evening on ORF with many surprises. In his shelter in Gamlitz, where Peter Kraus also presses his wines, singer and actor Sylvia Schneider in a platinum Romy dress Surprised. “I’m really excited, especially now at this time when we’re not allowed to get close to our crowd and we’re not allowed to experience the fans up close to the stage, it’s a beautiful thing for heart and soul.” Peter Krause explained. In “Romy 2021” on the ORF. The Romy was introduced to Peter Kraus in recognition of his work, and the actor and singer can look back over 6 decades of a successful career.

Peter Krause has a very special memory of Romy Schneider!

Learned in his youth Peter Krause, Romy Schneider Also know personally. Peter Krause and Silvia Schneider described the special experience at ORF. “This was the first ball I was allowed to go to with my dad. I think I was 16 years old, so I didn’t have a career, we sat at the same table with Romy Schneider and her mother. I was really an enthusiastic rock ‘n’ roll dancer at the time and then I asked her Whether she could or would dance rock and roll and she said, “Yeah!” I was always waiting for the right music to come. Then the right music came and I asked her and we went to Earth and started with her, and while Hugo Strasser was on stage with his big band, she was cut The music said: “Ladies and gentlemen, I see Empress Cisse, Romy Schneider come to Earth, here she is.” People made a circle and stood around us and was now playing a waltz in her honor. I told her, “I cannot dance the waltz.” She told me I would somehow do it. “

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Peter Krause: Platinum Rummy to work his life!

In his remarkable career, Peter Kraus has already received many awards such as Echo, Austria’s Amadeus Prize for Music and Austria’s Cross of Honor for Science and Arts. With Platinum Romy for the work of his life, Peter Kraus’s extensive award collection has now been expanded to include a prestigious award.

Author: Schlagerportal
Photo: ORF / Courier / Jeff Mangione