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Philips portable monitor on the go |  today

Philips portable monitor on the go | today

MMD launches a new portable monitor under the Philips brand. The 15.6-inch monitor, labeled 16B1P3302, is fed from a USB-C port of a connected laptop, for example. The device fulfills the need for a second screen for remote workers who have set up their workplace at the nearest Starbucks rather than the office. The Digital Nomad should also be pleased with the slim screen, because according to a press release from MMD, it weighs only a little more than a kilogram. It is the provider of flexibility, portability and productivity. The device combines the advantages of a fixed screen and the portability of a laptop. The performance data of the 16:9 Full HD display with ISP technology promises high contrast and vivid colors. With the viewing angle from 178° to 178°, users should also be able to enjoy sideshows without restrictions.

There are also USB-A and USB-C ports on the board. In addition, users can watch HD video from their smartphone or laptop, take advantage of dual screen productivity, charge screen and transfer data at high speeds, and share and present their results quickly and easily, MMD continues. The continuously tilted base (0 to 90°) combined with “LowBlue” mode and flicker-free technology should enable comfortable and eye-friendly operation.

The Philips 16B1P3302 will be available from July 2022 at an RRP of CHF 329.

MMD also launched a fixed screen for the home office at the beginning of July. Learn more here.

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