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Firefox 1.1.3 translations released with many improvements

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox translations. This is a website translation function that, unlike translators like Google Translate, does not require any online components. The new version brings many improvements and support for more languages.

About two months ago, Mozilla Firefox Translations 1.1.2 released the first version of its translation function, which can be easily installed as an extension. The major update was today with Firefox Translations 1.1.3.

Download subtitles for Firefox 1.1.3

Support for more languages

After supporting German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Bulgarian, Estonian, Bokmål (Norway) and in beta quality Russian, Icelandic, Nynorsk (Norway), and Persian, Firefox Translations 1.1.3 provides support for additional languages, namely French, Polish, Ukrainian (beta) and English to Dutch (the latter was not vice versa).

Improve speech recognition on websites

The automatic language recognition of websites has been improved and now also takes into account the corresponding specifications in HTML, so that in many cases it was no longer necessary to manually select the correct language in many cases.

Fixed display issues

In the previous version, buttons could disappear during translation or if the width of the window was too narrow. In the new version, the bar is adapted so that all functions remain operable.

Now also works in permanent private mode

Until now, it was not possible to use Firefox translations in the so-called permanent private mode, that is, if Firefox is configured in such a way that it does not remember any browsing data. Firefox 1.1.3 translations can now also be used in this configuration.

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Now also works in Firefox ESR 91

Also, previously it was not possible to use Firefox translations in Firefox ESR 91, provided Firefox was version 95 or higher (despite the erroneous statement on, where Firefox 79 was mentioned as the minimum required version of Firefox ). Firefox 1.1.3 translations are compatible with Firefox 90 and later, including Firefox ESR 91.

However, in Firefox ESR 91, it is not possible to manage the list of exceptions via Firefox settings. This requires a newer version of Firefox.

Other innovations of Firefox 1.1.3 translations

The Settings button now goes directly to the relevant section of Firefox Settings.

The Firefox translations icon in the address bar is now monochrome and high-resolution, so it’s no longer split. Another benefit of the new icon: when you use a light Firefox theme, it is dark; When you use a dark Firefox theme, it’s light, so it’s always easy to identify.

The poll button has been removed from the ribbon.

There are also many other improvements under the hood, both in terms of translations and expansion technology.