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Photovoltaics for hire: This is how solar energy becomes accessible to everyone

Photovoltaics for hire: This is how solar energy becomes accessible to everyone

Cottingbrunn. “We also want to make photovoltaics available to people who don’t have a lot of capital,” says Wolfgang Mohsger, President of ETP (Electrical Installations). Search partners, rental companies (among them Verplan) and insurance broker (Melanie Nemetz). The idea was to develop a photovoltaic leasing model that would be accessible to everyone. It has been found. Account example:
A photovoltaic system worth €25,000 can be installed on a 50 m² rooftop of a private family home. The client pays 2500 euros and gets the amount back as state funding. As a result, the client only pays the rental amount of 210 euros per month for ten years. “The nice thing about it: At the same time, you can save on monthly electricity costs, which are currently around 210 euros for a single-family home,” says Mahser. Ten years later, the rooftop photovoltaic panels return to the customer.

unprecedented boom

The model has taken off. “We have 30 to 40 inquiries a day. I’ve never seen such a boom before,” said Muhsger, who has been dealing in photovoltaics for 20 years. With foresight, he erected a huge warehouse, panels are immediately available from it, and assembly can take place next spring.
You’ll also be ready to quit. In the event of a power grid failure, the system switches to what is known as an isolated process, provided a storage unit is installed. Large energy consuming appliances such as a cooker or washing machine are disconnected and only vital things (TV, refrigerator, heating) are supplied with electricity as long as the storage tank will supply it.
In addition, Mahser indicates the possibility of sharing energy. If there is excess production in your home, your electricity can be sent to another home or friend.

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