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PIABO PR appoints Oliver Chauddy as Head of B2B Technology (FOTO) Unit

PIABO PR appoints Oliver Chauddy as Head of B2B Technology (FOTO) Unit

Berlin (OTS) PIABO PR, the leading PR partner in Europe serving the digital economy, is expanding its B2B technology expertise with Oliver Chauddy as the new unit manager. The experienced communications expert is now in charge of a B2B technology unit for national and international digital champions.

Chudy has more than 25 years of experience in international business-to-consumer communications, as well as experience in strategic visualization, 360-degree communication, and brand building. He specializes in high-growth startup communications, new technologies, mobility and digital transformation.

Early in his career, he ran 360 ° campaigns for world famous brands like Nintendo, Samsung, MGM and many more. In addition to his communication experience, Chudy also has management experience from well-known agencies as well as a particularly clear digital competency. For example, he has been active as head of content at Fielmann and as a keynote speaker on content marketing topics for the B2B target group. His other major themes are branding for employers as well as change and internal communication in mid-sized companies. He started working for a Google agency in the fields of Cloud (Google Cloud) and Mobility (Uber, Jump).

“I’ve always found digitization and technologies exciting in any way when they are working to improve things. Improvement in processes, industries, and products fascinates me. Digital transformation in all areas such as corporate structures, production and processes or in customer experience are topics that I want to put together in my unit. PR is the ideal place for such a unit. It brings with it everything in terms of knowledge, staff, efficiency, network, global and dynamism in this area. My goal areas in B2B Unit Two themes – Clusters: optimization with operational excellence, improvement of processes through digital transformation, software and cloud solutions in addition To SaaS. Customer care as the currency of the future in brand loyalty is the second major aggregate. The important factors here are to show how new technologies are how AR and AI are transforming user experience and customer differentiation, providing a new level of ng personalization, “explains Oliver Chauddy.

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“With Oliver Chudy, a highly experienced communications specialist, PIABO positions itself in the areas of SaaS, user experience, customer excellence and operational excellence. With a passion for technology and an excellent network, Oliver has the perfect prerequisites for innovations for advancement in the B2B technology sector,” says Tello Bono, CEO of PIABO PR.

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The communications agency PIABO PR is the leading European full-service communications partner for the digital economy, headquartered in Berlin. PIABO achieves an outstanding international media presence for its clients in the fields of e-commerce, Traveltech, fintech, foodtech, HR-tech, healthtech, blockchain, consumer electronics, IoT, artificial intelligence, AR / VR, security, big data, SaaS / cloud and Greentech. The range of multidisciplinary advisory team services includes public relations and social media as well as content marketing and influencer programs. The company is led by founder and CEO Tello Bono and has been a strategic partner since 2006, actively supporting its clients in achieving both local and global growth goals. The PIABO wallet includes Shopify, Samsung, Stripe, Henkel, GitHub, and Silicon Valley Bank. PIABO PR has also been 100 percent climate neutral since April 2021.

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