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Pietro Lombardi: He wants to lose 10 kilos - in just one month!

Pietro Lombardi: He wants to lose 10 kilos – in just one month!

Soon it’s time. Then it startsGermany is looking for the star“-winner Pietro Lombardi (29) His tour in Dortmund. The singer (“Cinderella”) has now taken to his Instagram followers with an ambitious announcement. “We have to lose ten kilos by November 25,” said Pietro.

“The little thief goes to school.” You can see how Pietro Lombardi celebrates Alessio’s school enrollment with Sarah and Julian Engels in the video above.

Pietro Lombardi gained weight during the break

In September 2021, a Karlsruhe native posted one after it was withdrawn from the public for three months Emotional post on Instagram. The video, which is approximately 26 minutes long, has garnered more than 200,000 likes so far. He is now followed by about two million people on the platform. He said at the time that he needed a break. “During that period I became very fat. I gained 20 kilos,” reported the emotionally fragile Pietro. “Because I ate too much.”

In the first episode of the new podcast “Pietro & Friends” he said in an interview with Freund Giovanni Zarella (43): My weight is over 100kg in a row.104.

The DSDS winner has already lost a lot of weight in 2020

Petro has already managed to shed unwanted pounds in the past. In 2020, he said he reduced his weight from 104 to 80 kilograms. “I look like asparagus Tarzan. That can’t be true,” he said in an Instagram story at the time.

He did not reveal how he now plans to lose ten kilos in just one month.

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