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Pink message service: Flink is broke, and Innsbruck is also affected

Pink message service: Flink is broke, and Innsbruck is also affected

Flink Austria GmbH can no longer fulfill its current payment obligations. Bankruptcy proceedings were opened by the responsible commercial court in Vienna. They are also affected Flink Delivery Fahrradboten GmbH.

Innsbruck. Flink’s bike delivery service is located at Bozner Platz 3. The company was founded in September 2021 and has been operating since October 2021. The business idea was to be developed in Austria with the financial support of the German parent company. The insolvency debtor is a 100% subsidiary of the German company Flink SE (headquartered in Berlin). The well-known group operates an online trade with goods of all kinds, which are delivered to customers by express (pink) bike carriers. Orders placed on the go, via the ‘Flink’ app or via the ‘’ online store.

22.4 million euros debt

According to the applicant, it was not possible to implement the business model profitably in Austria (locations in Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck). The German parent company has started the restructuring in Germany and therefore it does not provide any other financial resources. Liabilities are assumed to be around €22.4 million. According to AKV Europa, 117 creditors are affected by this insolvency. The company employs 163 people. In terms of assets, in addition to the 100% stake in Flink Delivery Fahrradboten GmbH, the company must have open receivables in large quantities, operating and office equipment at sites and extensive inventories.

bicycle messengers

Existing assets are being inventoried and valued as part of the insolvency proceedings. Only after such investigations will it be possible to comment on the creditors’ expectations of satisfaction. The insolvency debtor, in turn, is the 100% owner of Flink Delivery Fahrradboten GmbH. Goods were delivered through the services of this subsidiary. Bankruptcy proceedings have also been opened for this company (252 employees and 70 freelancers work for the company. Liabilities are assumed to be around €4.9 million. It is said that 9 creditors will be affected). The course of the procedures as to whether the continuation of the company will be subsequently requested and the debts discharged through the restructuring plan. Previous sales attempts could not be completed successfully.

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bike on the highway

The courier service in Tyrol became known through the use of the motorway near Innsbruck in April 2022. The bike carrier directs his e-bike on the motorway in the direction of Bozen, Bregenz, Brenner. And he is filmed doing so. As of yesterday, tens of thousands of people have already seen it on various social networks. The CEO has also been informed. The man explained to officials that the navigation system had directed him there. He said that when he realized where he was already going and that he had no business there, it was already too late to turn around. A penalty was imposed immediately.

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