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Pixel Watch: Google is now making it official in Germany and the United States


Google has given the official name to its Rohan project. The Pixel Watch was officially recorded in Germany and the United States. Some more details have come to light.

Google makes it official and registers the Pixel Watch as a trademark in the German trademark register. (Source: DBMA / Screenshot: Netsweld)

  • Google has registered its first smartwatch in the German trademark register.
  • This watch will be released as a pixel watch.
  • It is not yet known when that will happen.

Rumors about the first Smart watch From Google Have been around for months. Is the last Interesting case of finding a restaurant Caused a stir. An application in the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) is no doubt: a watch called the “Pixel Watch” is coming.

No wonder Google chose this name for its watch. It has established itself as a collective term in the rumor mill without being officially confirmed. However, it does fit into the rest of the product portfolio – for that matter Google Pixel6 For example, there is Pixel Stand.

Additional information on trademark usage

In Official trademark registration Additional information can be found next to the registered name. Thus, various products and two forms of watch are registered under “List of Goods / Services”: “Sport Watches” and “Wrist Watches”.

Samsung Is on Galaxy Watch 4 Proved here and released a classic and sporty version. Google may schedule more than one version. This is indicated by another document approved by the US Communications Commission, the FCC.

Up to three pixel watch models?

As AndroidPolice Google has registered a total of three models with the numbers GWT9R, GBZ4S and GQF4C. Slightly angled product name “BT Wearable Design Controller Subsystem”. BT is here Bluetooth.

Technically, these could be smartwatches. This suspicion is supported by the registered software version. Because it is an outdated version of RWD5.211104.001 WearOS 3.0. This version was created in collaboration with Samsung and Google and was originally released for the Galaxy Watch 4.

The question of whether Google will release a pixel watch will get a slow answer. It is questionable when the internet company will officially release its first smartwatch. We can find out at Google I / O on May 11th.

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