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Prince Harry: He did not become famous in the United States by this statement

However, this is a very big topic for him to comment on in more detail about it. The title was completely incomprehensible to him until the last, because he had only lived in the United States for a short time. “But you can find a gap in anything,” Harry continued. “One can use or take advantage of what is not said, rather than uphold what is said.”

Review from UK and US

Harry’s comments drew criticism on both sides of the pool on Twitter. Both Americans and British commented on Harry’s statements.

British politician and co-founder Nigel Farage of the Brexit Party denounces the former king: “Prince Harry is the first Correction Condemnation by the United States shows that he has lost perspective. Soon it will not be needed on either side of the pond. “

“Do not let the door handle hit you Windsor,” Fox News presenter Laura Ingraham tweeted Sunday.

Texas Representative Dan Grenshaw joked, “Well, I doubled the size of my Independence Day celebration.” As one user cynically puts it, “The beaten prince escapes from British salvage only to find American salvage.”

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