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Pizzera: Request a balloon ride

Pizzera: Request a balloon ride

New year, new love high: Pizzera prepares the altar path with Valerie.

the love. New Year’s Eve, snuggle with EAV star Thomas Spitzer. On January 4th, her 26th birthday, Paul Bizzera, 33, got on his knees in front of Valerie Hopper: a romantic sunrise wedding show in a hot air balloon over Kenya. “I’m engaged,” the chart star confirms the status of his new relationship on Ö3 Hawi D’Ehre’s podcast.

Stupid question. Hopper, who recently caused quite a stir in Klammer and in the Netflix series Kitz, took the suggestion, Pizzera remembers, rather loosely: “Yeah, of course I want to be your wife. What kind of stupid question is that?” That wasn’t the reason The only one that made Pizzera feel comfortable at higher altitudes: “Fortunately, otherwise driving down would have been relatively uncomfortable.”

Heart earthquake. Love came slowly at Pizzera and Huber. Already in 2020 they met to shoot a video for Pizzera – & – Jaus Frmdghn hit, so just “cheat”. “Then she was in Hamburg forever, and then she worked in the summer. It’s nice to have someone who doesn’t need you, but wants you,” explains his ÖSTERREICH-Talk heartbeat
Show love. In October, love became official with a married couple at the premiere of Klammer in Villach: “If your girlfriend says she likes it, then she certainly will: I can go to her all year!”

offspring. Although the wedding is planned, the baby, as was recently the case with fellow pop star Otto Joss, is currently not an issue. “I am so grateful that Mr. Gus often does pioneering work for me. I will take a look at leisurely and still have time!”

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