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This snow figure won the direct vote

This snow figure won the direct vote


January 08, 2022 – 11:33 pm hour

Gunter Gautsch and Barbara Schonberger vs. Wigald Boning and Michael Mittermeier

Winter magic in “they don’t know what’s going to happen”! At the New Year’s premiere, Gunther Gauch, Barbara Schönberger, Wigald Bunning and Michael Mittermere have to prove their creativity. Suitable for this time of year, of course. The name of the game “The Most Beautiful Snow Figure” reveals what it is all about: each team has a task to decorate a snowman with a piece of clothing and more. Viewers can vote online for who deserves to win the game! The result is clear: Barbara Schöneberger and Gunter Gautsch win the vote with 88% of the vote! How snow figures are decorated, we show again in the video above.

These snow figures were available for selection

Left: Snowflakes Wigald Boning and Michael Mittermeier Right: Snowflakes by Barbara Schöneberger and Gunther Josh.


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Two new live shows, Barbara Schönberger, Thomas Gottschalk, and Gunther Gautsch can celebrate their mental speed, joy of playing and unlimited talent for improvisation together again at the start of 2022. RTL runs shows on Saturdays January 8 and 15 from 8:15 p.m.

At the same time, you can of course use “because they don’t know what’s going to happen” Watch online live streaming of RTL on RTL+. And after the TV broadcast, we will also present the full show On RTL + ready to roll back. (to)