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Placido Domingo: Was the world opera star involved in a cult?

Placido Domingo: Was the world opera star involved in a cult?

Another blow to Placido Domingo (81)! About three years ago, according to the Associated Press, nine women accused the world opera star of disrespectfully approaching them. Allegations included Among others: compulsion to kiss on the mouth, access under the shirt and uninvited visits to the toilet room.

In the video above you can see: Plácido Domingo admits to sexual harassment.

Now, the world famous opera star has made international headlines once again. the reason? As part of an investigation with an Argentine organization described by media reports as a cult, the name of the 81-year-old suddenly appeared in the documents of the authorities. The organization will be investigated, among other things, for sexual exploitation and slavery.

Placido Domingo: Secret meetings with a prostitute?

The hard stuff! But like many media reports, Placido Domingo should not have been involved in a sexual crime of any kind. He was also not a member of the suspicious organization. Instead, he is said to have increasingly met a prostitute who allegedly belonged to the caste. According to Bild newspaper, a recording on the tape is evidence of this, in which the international opera star must talk to the woman he had previously requested to his hotel room.

Placido Domingo: Remains silent on the latest allegations

Despite the allegations, Placido Domingo has yet to comment on the investigation into the alleged sexual cult. It is also not clear if there is anything real to these allegations. The question remains whether this will change. It is conceivable that the 81-year-old would shut up to protect his family – above all else Martha Domingo’s wife (87), married to her since 1962 and has two children.

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