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Plain text from coach Sturm Elzer: “People have to wake up”

Plain text from coach Sturm Elzer: “People have to wake up”

After a 1-1 draw in the top match, the Graz coach clearly sees that his team is the weakest team in the title fight.

After winning the temptation point Salzburg (1:1). Sturm Graz-trainer Christian Elzer Realism on the part of the audience is urged. “People in Austria have to wake up. Salzburg has a very strong team. You don't have to aspire to become a master. You have to have the ambition to become a champion by ten points,” said Elzer. Small newspaper.

The defending champion had set the tone in Friday's big match and had to fight back after taking the lead Petar Ratkov (15) They still have to draw and are now two points ahead. Otar Ketishvili He scored the equalizer for the hosts from Graz with his first shot on goal with a header (80).

Despite Salzburg's superiority, Sturm wants to win Title fight Don't bow out early. “We will continue to give our best in every match,” promised Elzer, who began intensive preparations for the first leg in the Conference League. Slovan Bratislava Thursday (6:45 p.m.).

“We have to perform highly in many aspects of our game if we want to win,” said Eletser before the clash with Slovak League Crosos, which won 4-0 over rival Žilina at the start of the spring.

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