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Top scorer Sinan Karwina |  At Freelance, the coach interjects: “Then he calls me a circus footballer.”

Top scorer Sinan Karwina | At Freelance, the coach interjects: “Then he calls me a circus footballer.”

Footballers and their clichés. Which concerns the Klagenfurt striker Sinan Karwina I can't help but smile. Tattoo? Yes. in vain? Yes, partly, “a visit to the hairdresser before every match is mandatory.” “I actually fulfill some clichés, so I can't explain myself outside of them.” On the other hand, the agile attacking player studies fitness and health management and drives a Skoda Fabia. No matter how you twist it or turn it around, the fact is that the 24-year-old is the current top scorer in the Austrian Bundesliga with a total of eight goals and six assists.

However, Gümersbaker, with Turkish roots, pays little attention to the statistics themselves. “I look at the table or the results list every now and then. Although, to be honest, I don't want to deal with it because it puts more thought and pressure on me. “Then things come up that I want to get away from,” says the “friend.” Andy Irving It varies as to whether he falls into the category of an emotional or a rational person.

“We must not waste caution and humility.”

However, he is the type of player who lets his instincts run wild on the court and cannot be easily pushed off the path due to numerous setbacks in the past. “Siki” is not affected by flights of fantasy, as he is certain that “it is possible to quickly fall on your face.” “We must not lose caution and humility,” stresses Caroina, whose contract with Weidmannsdorfer expires in the summer of 2024.

It remains to be seen why the term street kicker sometimes leaves a negative aftertaste. “It's not a bad thing,” Caroina believes. “I'm someone who likes to play face to face, sometimes I don't see my teammate, and I like to keep the ball at my feet. These are the traits that make people from the outside know that someone is a street footballer.” And I played a lot in the street when I was young. I think it suits me,” reveals the versatile person who does not like to describe himself as something.

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After all, that's what a coach does Peter Buckholt, provided that his pupil shows a lot of ornamentation. “Then he calls me a circus footballer. But I can appreciate how I need to understand that. And yes, every now and then I do one or two more tricks than necessary.” It remains to be seen how difficult the start of spring will be today for Violet. Karweina and company are certainly excited for LASK, even if Linz isn't their preferred opponent yet. He added: “Then we will know where we stand, although we should not overestimate the first match.”