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Planned DLC was not implemented

Planned DLC was not implemented

Following in the footsteps of Ellie’s mother.

In an interview we learn that now with the first We delay The title is more than planned DLC. In it one wanted fate Ellie’s mother I say.

The Last of Us franchise

The last of us It is one of the most important video games of our time. The story must have already been two very successful video game titles with lauded DLC, a comic book series and even a live action series adapted from the live events. However, we now learn that Once Upon a Time even DLC was planned, in which we were doomed Ellis Mother Experienced.

Ways to talk about Ellie’s mother

In an interview with Variety, has Neil Druckmannco-president of a computer game developer obedient dog And Hello another from us The Inventors reveals how the hit video game franchise was created with the first title. Many decisions had to be made. One of them was fate Ellis Mother. After developing the game, they wanted to make a short animated film about it. It would later become DLC. But in the end it was not implemented.

Ellie’s mother is mentioned in the game

The Creator, who loves the world he has created, says he is sad that this part of the story was never told. Because existence Ellis Mother He always felt it in the game. We know that though Ellis Folding knife It comes from her mother. Also give a note of Ellie’s mother An idea of ​​what kind of person she was.

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Whether the animated short will be well received is questionable, but the downloadable content would certainly be interesting. Maybe you will Ellis Mother Also covered in the current series. Because the series was able to score with fans and critics in the first episode. Of course, DLC could still be implemented at some point.

the PS4 nickname The Last of Us Part 2 Thanks to its backward compatibility to PS5 to play. Just recently it was New joint action shot setwhich is definitely not for The Last of Us 3 She was. Or maybe yes?

Work on Multiplayer game The last of us It is the most ambitious project ever obedient dog ever like this Neil Druckmann.