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Forza Motorsport: Almost 7 minutes of new cutscenes – but still no deadline

Forza Motorsport: Almost 7 minutes of new cutscenes – but still no deadline

In addition to Redfall, Forza Motorsport certainly played one of the biggest roles at Developer_Direct last night. There were a lot of details to hear about the racer and also a lot of gameplay to see, but Microsoft still owes a release date for now.

At Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Direct last night, the developers at Turn 10 Studios gave a nearly seven-minute look at the upcoming racing game. Forza Motorsport And all sorts of new details were revealed in this context. However, no one initially commented on the release date; Moreover, the year 2023 is announced as the publication period.

So what’s new last night? Turn 10 Studios stated that the new Forza Motorsport aims to “reach the next generation of the racing franchise” in terms of depth, immersion, and realism; The technical leap must be very big in this regard.

In terms of scope, too, it is not a mess, but a lot: more than 500 real cars will be represented in the game, including 100 completely new to the series. With over 800 unique upgrades and mods, you can customize all of these structures. In any case, the vehicles should look better thanks to the use of new technologies; For example, countless data points relating to the behavior of light on a surface and the resulting reflections have been collected and entered.

During use, vehicles should become more realistic in terms of dirt build-up or damage model in the event of a collision. The driving experience should be even better thanks to advances in physics simulation.

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When the game launches, there will be 20 environments with multiple track layouts. In addition to well-known fan favourites, there are also brand-new motorsports venues, including Kyalami for the first time in South Africa. These environments will also be more realistic, because according to Turn 10 you can expect ten times higher detail in terms of vegetation and vegetation around the tracks.

Audio improvements, including due to collaboration with Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos, as well as a dynamic system for the time of day including different weather and temperature mechanics with real-time effects round out the new feature pack.

Forza Motorsport is scheduled to release sometime in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Forza Motorsport – Developer_Direct View

For more than six minutes, the new racing game Forza Motorsport was introduced at Developer_Direct last night.