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Players thought Season 4 would end in two weeks, and now they're thinking about canceling weddings

Players thought Season 4 would end in two weeks, and now they're thinking about canceling weddings

Diablo 4 has received a lot of criticism since its release, but it now seems to be inspiring many players. Some even go so far as to skip other things for the sake of it.

This is the current status of Diablo 4: With Season 4, Diablo 4 has changed radically. There are new crafting systems and the Infernal Floods have been reworked and are now available at World Tier 1. Additionally, Patch 1.4.2 surprisingly introduced stolen pets into the game that collect mats and gold for you.

The endgame is finally better, and players say it now has good balance and is fun. Overall, players currently seem to be satisfied with Diablo 4. Many are saying: This is how Diablo 4 should have been since its release.

The community is also discussing the current state of Diablo 4 on Reddit, which appears to be much better in Season 4 than some think. There they joke about the things they leave behind or reject, and why that happens.

The first expansion for Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred awaits us in October. This also brings additional features to the gameplay. Here you can watch the cinematic presentation:

The Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred trailer offers insight into the expansion's story

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Players can't get enough of Diablo 4 right now

This is how some players captured it: On Reddit User “Zyphica” asked the community on June 12 if anyone else was “addicted” to Diablo 4. What he meant by that wasn't just that you liked the game — but that you were constantly thinking about the next time you could play even when you weren't playing it.

Users discuss the topic in the comments. Guilty_Account9590 wrote: “I was fine until I saw this post. Now I have to play again!” User “Win_0r_Die” comments that he played every season. But right now, he's more impressed “than he has been for a long time.”

“Same thing! Last night I wanted to play a survival game with friends. I kept thinking about Diablo 4,” Yambara writes. User “Hopeful_Low_8556” says: “Destiny just released its best expansion yet and I still want to play Diablo.”

“Xiimbox” writes in another thread On RedditHe thought Season 4 would captivate him for two weeks. A month later, he became “more and more crazy with every passing day.” Weiskaiser jokes that he was thinking of calling off his wedding because he hadn't gotten the weapons he wanted yet.

Why is season 4 more attractive? Some users have noted that they are simply creating and leveling more characters this season than in previous seasons and therefore have more to do:

  • Leveling is much faster
  • This allows players to try out different builds and classes
  • Crafting, especially mastering (completion), keeps players busy
  • Players switch between different activities at the end of the game to obtain items and mats

On Reddit “TheSpanxxx” notes in the caption: “Went to school yesterday with 4th grade. [Charakter] I've reached level 100. This is what the season should look like.” AsuraTheFlame says: “I've created 4 characters this season. [Sonst] “I'll make a witch and maybe a barbarian before I stop until next season.”

User “jeaxz74” chimes in: “I usually stop after getting a character to world level 4 and leveling them up. I'm now at level 100 and still running Pit, Hellfloods, and Nightmare dungeons. I've been enjoying this season lately.”

Lazerdude praises that Season 4 is simply faster: “I can actually get to 100 in no time, race through high-nightmare dungeons searching for glyphs and work on building the endgame in a few days, not months longer.” It seems like the problem players have now is character and chest space.

Blizzard worked to improve Diablo 4 over the first year, listening to the community in many cases. ARPGs are now getting a lot of praise. The developers have already managed to fulfill some wishes and the expansion looks good too. More about this: Diablo 4: Blizzard is currently delighting many fans and fulfilling more desires with the Ship of Hate

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