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“Playground, Two in a Yard” at Ateliertheater

“Playground, Two in a Yard” at Ateliertheater

Florian Raphael Schwarz, Aurelia Lancre, Ange Dolna, Marc Rayal │ © Ateliertheater Wien

Under the direction of Nina C. Gabriel, the studio theater stage was transformed into a special kind of “playground”.

From March 29 to 31 at 7:30 pm, the Ateliertheater at Burggasse 71 presents the play “Playground, two in a yard” by Catalan author and director Sergi Belbel. The play revolves around a couple who want to give their relationship the kick that saves them by buying a new two-by-two-meter bed, a playground for pleasure, and a display of sexual desires. But exactly in the evening when they want to open the bed, they have to leave the apartment because of urgent errands. So they invite two estranged friends to take charge of the bed’s inauguration—hoping that their initial charm will spill over into their piece of furniture and their love.

Directed by Nina C. Gabriel

Starring: Ange Dolna, Aurelia Lancre, Marc Ryall, Florian Rafael Schwartz

Music: Carl Stirner and Walther Soyka

Technology: Marius Lackenbucher

tickets From 15 euros

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