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PlayStation 5: The console reaches the next sales milestone

PlayStation 5: The console reaches the next sales milestone

Sony’s PlayStation 5 continues to celebrate success and has now reached the next sales level. Despite all the initial difficulties, it lags only behind the PlayStation 4.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has reached another impressive sales milestone. As it has now become known, the platform brought in more than 50 million copies for women and men shortly before the end of the year.

The PlayStation 5 has reached this mark after just over three years since its original release on November 12, 2020. Meanwhile, the current console is catching up with the PlayStation 4, because when it comes to reaching this milestone, it is only just behind the previous console .

Specifically, this means: The PlayStation 4 reached the 50 million mark just one week before its original release compared to the PlayStation 5 now; In terms of time during their cycle, both platforms are at roughly the same level. This is great for the PlayStation 5, because for several months it has not been possible to meet the demand for the platform in any way. Due to delivery difficulties – also as a result of the pandemic – it was not possible to produce sufficient numbers, so Sony did not sell as many consoles as was actually possible.

The fact that both systems are now so close to each other suggests that the PlayStation 5 may be able to overtake the PlayStation 4 in the near future in the same time since the original release. Marking this new milestone, PlayStation President Jim Ryan also thanked the PlayStation community and their continued passion for the platform. In this context, it confirms once again that we are currently in the first Christmas season since the release of the PlayStation 5 in which there are no problems with PS5 supplies; Anyone who wants the console can get it.

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PlayStation 5 – the same immersive power. New slimmer size. Tractor

Sony has officially announced a new slim model for the PlayStation 5 for this holiday season.