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These are the best astronomical images of the year

These are the best astronomical images of the year

The winning photo in this year’s photography competition.Astronomy Photographer of the Year 15From the Royal Observatory Greenwich shown Glowing turquoise plasma arc next to Andromeda Galaxy.

The huge one was taken Cosmic nebulae By astrophotographers Marcel Drechsler, Xavier Strottner and Jan Senti. The winning photo was titled “Andromeda, Unexpected.”

The winning photos in the photo contest were from Total 11 different categories to choose. The award in the “Young” category was won by two young astrophotographers from China.

Overall Winner: “Andromeda, Unexpected”

More than 4000 posts

Residual Categories: “Galaxies”, “Aurora Borealis”, “Our Moon”, “Our Sun”, “People and Space”, “Planetaries, Comets and Asteroids”, “Sky Views”, “Stars and Nebulae”, “Sir Patrick Moore Award” “Best Newcomer” And the “Annie Mander Award for Image Creativity.”

The competition is organized in collaboration with BBC Sky at Night magazine. This year there were a total of more than 4000 posts Introduction of 64 countries last year is Austrian photographer Gerald Riemann He emerged as the overall winner.

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